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    Blueberry Crumble

    Blueberry Crumble

    Blueberry Crumble

    Blueberry Crumble Time

    Blueberry season is here! I’ve been keeping my eye on the beautiful big blueberries I’ve been seeing and finally just had to get some to make this delicious Blueberry Crumble!

    In all the grocery stores, farmer’s markets and roadside stands, fruit is abounding right now. All the different berries and cherries seem to be everywhere. I wish it would never stop! These are my favorite fruits! Continue Reading

  • Avocado Chickpea Spread
    Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian

    Avocado Chickpea Spread

    When plain avocado in your sandwich isn’t quite enough, add a satisfying protein boost with chickpeas (garbanzo beans).  Along with the addition of other goodies, it turns into a hearty and delicious spread. This…

  • Watermelon Peach Salsa
    Gluten Free Vegan

    Watermelon Peach Salsa

    Summer is Here Since this is the 4th of July weekend, my neighbor Alex, is having a get together of friends and neighbors. I’ve been trying to decide what to bring and finally concluded…

  • Food Blogger Pro & Matcha Tea
    Tips & Basics

    Food Blogger Pro Is Opening Its Doors

    Good News About Food Blogger Pro (Update) Disclaimer: Please note that the links below are affiliate links and if you purchase through those links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost to…

  • Pasta e Fagioli Soup

    Pasta e Fagioli Soup

    Pasta e Fagioli Pasta and beans is the translation from Italian for Pasta e Fagioli. The very creamy and hearty Italian cannelini bean is the star of this show. The cannelini bean is considered…

  • Avocado Cilantro Pesto
    Gluten Free Vegan

    Avocado Cilantro Pesto

    Just in time for Cinco de Mayo In honor of Cinco de Mayo, since it’s the 5th of May, I made this tasty Avocado Cilantro Pesto. Pesto made with avocados is so creamy and…

  • rosemary cashew hummus
    Gluten Free Vegan

    Rosemary Cashew Hummus

    You know when you see some food in a grocery store and you think “I want to try to make this” or the combination of ingredients inspires you? I’m like that a lot.…

  • Red Lentil Coconut Curry Soup
    Gluten Free Vegan

    Red Lentil Coconut Curry Soup

    Red Lentil Coconut Curry Soup So guys, you may not believe that I don’t like to brag because I HAVE done it before once or twice! I don’t know if I’d call it bragging…

  • Chia Quinoa Granola
    Gluten Free Vegan

    Chia Quinoa Granola

      This is definitely not your typical granola but it does have typical elements like rolled oats. What makes it unique is the addition of uncooked quinoa and chia seeds.…